​​​​ Welcome to our adoption page!

     ​​​​​ Welcome To Our Puppies Adoption Page!

   All of our puppies are American Kennel Club (AKC) registered. The price's for our puppies are: 

Black or Red Tri - Male or Female $1,200.-$1,500.        
Red Merle or Blue Merle- Male or Female $1,800.-$2,500.
(Price can vary depending on how pretty marked the puppy is.)
  These prices are limited registration only. Limited registration means you are required to spay or nuetuer your puppy and your AKC papers will be marked limited registration, (no off sping can be registered.) If you are intrested in purchasing one for breeding or full registration, please contact us for pricing and more information. To get on the waiting list or to reserve a puppy from one our litters' or upcoming, we require a $300.00 non-refundable deposit; only transferable. The deposit goes towards the puppy's full price and the balance is due on pick-up day. For your convenience we take, Apple Pay, Venmo, and we also have a credit card swiper. A 4% fee will apply when using a credit card. We do not take checks on pick-up day, only on a deposits that is being made ten or more days in advance to pick-up.    
   If you are intrested in purchasing a puppy or need more information, please call or text Elizah 

@ 254-230-8521 
If you are intrested in a puppy, please fill out our puppy application below.  



Our Puppies Come With:

-Puppy Culture:
   Our puppies are raised with lots of socialization from our three children and us, seven days a week. From the miniute the puppies enter the world, we are rubbing their little delicate bodies to make sure they take thier first breath. We are thier assisting mom by her side during the birth, usally through the long hours in the night. At an early age we intruduced to our puppies sounds like, dogs barking, things clanging and dropping, thunder storms, the vacuum, clapping hands, music and happy voices. This helps your puppy not to be timid as he or she grows older. We also do the puppy program called Puppy Culture (ENS).
Take a look at the video for more information.

Weekly Pictures:
   We send everyone weekly photos on the puppies, so you can watch them grow!  

-One Year Health Guarantee: 
   We give every puppy a one year health guarantee. Click button to see the contract.

-3-Day Vet Check Guarantee:
     We give all our customers a three day vet check guarantee for you take take the puppy to the vet and get an exam. For more information, please read the Puppy Contract.  

-Parvo Shot & First 5-Way Puppy Shot:
All of our puppies' are given a Parvo shot at the age 5-weeks and a 5-Way Puppy shot at 7-weeks. 

-Started on Flea and Tick:
   We start all our puppies' on flea and tick medication from February - October, unless requested by  the buyer not to. 

 Our puppies' are wormed four times before they leave at the age of 8-weeks and have a vet sample tested to insure they are clear from parasites. 

-Puppy Health chart:
   Each puppy comes with a health chart record of what we done and we will help guide you to the next steps on pick-up day. 
-Taught to use a Doggy Door and go outside potty:
   At the age 5-weeks we start teaching our puppies to follow mom and use the doggy door. By the time they are 8-weeks, they don't go inside the house. (See photos below) 

-Bag of puppy food:
   On pick-up day we send each puppy home with a bag of dog food called, Best Breed from Chewy.com
Look below for more details on what to order before pick-up day.  

-AKC Litter Application Paper:
   All our puppies' come with an (AKC) American Kennel Club Litter Application Registration form for you to take home, fill it out with your information and your puppy's name, then you will mail it to AKC and they will send you the AKC certifacate. 

-Training program for an extra fee:
1-Crate training program- $250.00  (Highly Recomended- Our customers have loved it!)
   Your puppy will be taught to sleep in a crate all night with minimal barking and accidents by the eight week pick-up day! 

2- Leash and collar training- $150.00
   Started to learn how to walk on a leash and collar broke by the eight week pick-up  date. Puppy will be sent home with a leash and collar. 
3-Extended program- $350.00  Puppy stays at Rockin' B Farms till 10 weeks.
   Your puppy will stay at our house until ten weeks for this program. He or she is taught to come and sit. This just gives your puppy a jump start, but you will have to continue training when he or she goes home. We also continue the training program one and two while doing training three program. 
This Extended Program will also include board, food, extra shot and another round of worming if needed.   
   On pick-up day we will go over all what we have been teaching your puppy so you can continue. 

Bonus training pack- Pick all three training programs for $700.00

-Shipping Your Puppy:
   We offer airplane or ground driving to certain areas.  Also, we welcome anyone that wants to fly down and pick-up your puppy at our home. For and extra charge, we can meet you at the Dallas or Austin Airport with your puppy. For shipping or ground driving transport, please call us for pricing.

      This is our dogs' home! We call it the "Dog Mansion." It's about 300 feet from our bedroom door; close enough to keep an eye on all the babies and mommas. Our litters are born in our home and then moved to their own room in the their house to start learning to follow momma out the doggy door to go potty outside. By the time the babies leave for their forever homes, they have almost learned to have no accidents inside their house. Our adult dogs are apart of our family and come in and out of our home along with many other farm animals! All of our dogs get plenty of exercise on our large farm.  Our Dog Home has been inspected by AKC and we are fully in compliance with their protocals (see photos below). For health concerns for the puppies, our vet has requested that we do not let visitors in our dog house. You are more then welcome to come visit us and see the parents at anytime. Please enjoy looking the photos below!




​                                                                        Pick-Up Day!
    We will call everyone a week before their puppy is ready for pick-up from the date that is posted on the Puppies Page, to arrange a time to pick-up your puppy and send our address. If you can't pick-up your puppy on the day that is posted, thats ok, we will arrange another time. The balance for your puppy and training will be due on the 8-week pick-up date posted on the Puppies Page.  

   Here are a few things below you will need to order before pick-up day and ideas of things you might want to have on hand.

​​-Food To Order And Vitamins:   Lifesabundance.com 
 Small/Medium Breed Puppy Food (20#)

 Wellness Supplements (30 Count)

   We take cash, credit card, Venmo or Apple Pay on Pick-Up Day. A 4% fee will apply when using a credit card. 

-Extra Items that might be helpful:
  -Potty pads.
  - Opened wire Large size crate.
  - Liner to go in crate.
  - Dog bed
  - 2 bowls for water and food. 
  - Toys 
  - Brush and Shampoo
  - Collar and Leash
  - Treats
  - Rawhide bones for chewing.


                MAKE IT A DAY TRIP!!!

​           While you are here, take time to enjoy our community's Craft Village,          
       Market, General Store, Gristmill and Cheese Cave! Enjoy lunch at Cafe    
       Homestead or Red Wagon B-B-Q. Click the link below for more information. 




     If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call. Thanks!

[email protected]   Call or text  254-230-8521
  Sometimes our emails don't go through, so please send us a text also.


​                                       All of these puppies have gone to their forever homes.


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      Sometimes our emails don't go through, so please send us a text also.