English Golden Contract

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                                                              ​       Golden Pet Only Purchase Agreement

Brian & Elizah Brandstadt                                                    
Elm Mott, Texas 76640
Phone: 254-230-8521
   This Puppy/Dog is a purebred English Golden Retriever.

   Puppy/Dog is being sold for pet only, not for breeding. If Rockin B finds this dog has been used for breeding, we have the right to re-possess this dog and any off spring. 

   Buyer is required to have a licensed vet administer two more parvo/distemper vaccines to puppy.  Parvo/distemper vaccines must be given at two – three week intervals following first vaccine given by breeder. Do not put on puppy on public ground until third parvo/distemper shot has been given to puppy. 

   Breeder/Seller guarantees this puppy/dog for 3- days from when the Purchaser takes possession of this puppy/dog to be in good health. Buyer agrees that during the 3-day time-period to have said Puppy/dog examined by a licensed veterinarian. Should Buyer fail to have this puppy/dog checked by a licensed Veterinarian within the 3-day time frame this health guarantee is void. This guarantee expires 3 days after Buyer takes possession of the Puppy/Dog.

   Buyer shall maintain the puppy in good condition, including adherence to a regular immunization schedule, heartworm prevention, good diet and a clean and safe environment. All puppies must be supervised during exercise for twisting and jumping movements. No jumping on or off the furniture! This will null the health guarantee. All puppies must be allowed to self-exercise outside a fenced area or inside a designated pen. The proper development of the structure and the mental development occur during this period. 
   Buyer is required to feed Best Breed Grain Free dog food along with Perna-Flex 2 Joint Support vitamins for the first year. If not fed, this contract will be void.  

   Breeder/Seller is NOT responsible for ANY veterinary bills or any costs for the care of said puppy/dog after the dog has been purchased.
   If said puppy/dog is to be found in an untreatable health condition, buyer is to get a written statement from a licensed Veterinarian. Buyer then will have two options:
1: To keep said puppy/dog assuming all costs for its care.
2:  Return said puppy/dog and pick a puppy out of the next litter, of equal or less value only upon the Breeder/Sellers receipt of the Veterinarians written statement regarding proof of the health of said puppy/dog within said time-period. The time- period is 3 days from the time the Purchaser receives said puppy/dog in their possession.

   Genetic Health Guarantee:Breeder/Seller guarantees said puppy/dog up to 12 months of age (12 months from the birth date of said puppy/dog) for terminal genetic health defects which will take the puppy’s life. Buyer must feed a high-quality food along with supplements for the first year. 

    Breeder/Seller agrees to replace said puppy/dog with a puppy/dog of equal or less value within 12-month time frame (this 12-month time frame is to give Breeder/Seller adequate time for new litters to arrive). A written and signed statement is to be obtained from two Licensed Veterinarian's from two different clinics as proof of the Genetic Defect(s). 

   Buyer may then do one of the following: 
A: Buyer may keep the puppy/dog with a refund of half of the purchase price of said puppy/dog. 
B: Return said puppy/dog to Breeder/Seller at the Buyers expense, for a replacement puppy/dog of equal value at the Breeder/Sellers discretion. Breeder/Seller at this point reserves the right to have a third opinion on the diagnosis from the Veterinarian of Breeder/Sellers choice. Now, the Buyer will sign all registration papers over to Breeder/Seller.
C: If said puppy/dog must be put down due to these defects, a written statement from two licensed veterinarians from two different clinics must be provide to Breeder/Seller stating that is it medically necessary for puppy/dog to be put down due to these defects.
   Breeder/Seller will replace said puppy/dog within a 12-month time frame from breeder/seller receives documentation from the licensed veterinarian stating that puppy/dog has been put down. This will give Breeder/Seller adequate time for a future litter to arrive to replace said puppy/dog with a puppy/dog of equal value at Breeder/Sellers discretion.  Now, Buyer will return all Registration papers of said puppy/dog to the Breeder/Seller.

   Breeder/Seller makes no guarantees regarding the loss of said puppy/dog in the case of accidental death, theft, sickness due to lack of vaccinations, etc. Any sickness not related to Genetics, or any loss beyond the Breeder/Sellers control except as stated above.

   Breeder asks buyer to have first rights to be contacted if must have to rehome this dog/puppy for any reason. We take back our puppy/dog at any time with no refund. We don’t want any of our dogs to go to a shelter or left stranded. 
This sales contract is non-transferable. Should the Buyer decide to sell said Puppy/Dog at any time the Breeder/Seller has the first right to purchase said puppy/dog back. Should the buyer relinquish the ownership of said puppy/dog, this contract shall be deemed null and void.
   Balance is due a week before shipping your puppy/dog or on pick-up day. If can’t pick-up puppy/dog on the eight- week pick-up day, balance will be due on that day and then puppy will be held till scheduled day for pick-up. This will include balance due for extra training or boarding. 
   The Buyer has read and understands the foregoing and agrees that all parts of this contract constitute a binding agreement with the Breeder/Seller and the Buyer. 

   If either the Breeder/Seller or the Buyer takes legal action regarding this contract, said action shall be initiated in the county of the Breeder/Sellers residence.

BREEDER:    Sire_______________________________________Dam__________________________________
Birth Date ________________________Sex______________________Color________________________________
Breeder/Seller signature______________________________________ Date______________________________
BUYER:Buyers Name__________________________________________________________

Buyers Signature__________________________________________   Date________________________________
Buyers Address________________________________________________________
City_________________________________ State__________________ Zip_______________________________

        ​ Breeding contract 
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