Here is a little bit about the Brandstadt family. Brian and Elizah have three children , Darla, Joshua and Ellie and they live  on a farm located near the Brazos River Bluffs in Waco, Texas.
   When Elizah was about six years old, her dad bought her and her sisters a Golden Retriever puppy, named Honey. She was the best tempered female and became a good companion to their family. In 1992, her family started raising AKC Golden Retriever puppies to sell. Elizah and her four sisters enjoyed helping their parents take care of the little ones. In 2003, Elizah married Brian,
(a farmer and rancher). A couple of years later they had their first daughter, Darla. For her first birthday they bought her a female Miniature Australian Shepherd puppy. They loved the breed and it brought back childhood memories to Elizah of raising puppies as a young girl. In 2005, they bought a male and started having a couple litters a year. As time went on, they wanted to start specializing in therapy and service dogs, especially for children. So they decided to add some quality lines. They found a breeder in Kalama, Washington that had some good foundation lines. These are the original lines that started the Mini Australian Shepherd breed. It has been very rewarding to them see some of the puppies do their work. Ten years later, they met a friend named Melissa, in Colorado who had imported English Golden Retrievers. That was a great mistake, for they quickly fell in love with her English Goldens. Elizah again felt like she was re-living childhood memories.    
   Within a couple months the Brandstadts decided to also import three English Cream Goldens from the Ukraine. These are some of the best quality and tempered dogs you will ever meet.  They have been a great addition to the family and for the use of special needs in therapy and service work. Because of the temperment and loyalty of the English Goldens, we have now switched to mainly raising the Goldens instead of the Mini Aussies. They still have a few litters a year of the Mini Aussies; they just can't give them up yet!
​     Besides dogs they have a garden and grow most of their own produce. They also raise grass fed beef, pastured chickens and fresh farm eggs. Their broilers and egg layers are raised on grass and fed a non-GMO, non-soy feed. If you would like some of their eggs, fresh cuts of beef or chicken, please give them a call!  

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                                         The Brandstadt Family                    

   Our home is a restored historical barn, originally built in the 1840's. It was taken down in Canada and brought to Texas to be restored by Heritage Barns. 
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