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                 Here at Rockin' B we strive to offer our customers the highest quality puppies for service dogs, therapy or just a great family companion. We have been raising loyal, intelligent companions since 2004.  Our puppies are born in our home, assisted by us with care through their births, usually during the long hours through the night! They are loved from the minute they enter the world and socialized by the whole family. 
                We started off breeding the Miniature Australian Shepherd and then later added the European Goldens from Europe. The English Goldens have been a great addition to the family and very helpful to our customers for service and therapy dogs. We have fallen in love so much with the breed, that now they have become the main breed we raise.
               We live on a 550-acre farm near the Brazos River in Waco, Texas where we help manage the agriculture part of the land and livestock. We farm with horse drawn equipment and enjoy growing organic vegetables for our family and friends. We also raise grass fed beef, lamb and chickens for meat and eggs. If you are interested in purchasing any of these products, please go to the About Us page. 
              Our dogs and puppies enjoy running through the fields on the farm and making friends with all the animals. Most of all they love to take a walk down to the Brazos River for a swim! Our Goldens have been imported from a worldwide famous breeder in Europe named, Tramin Kennels. Each Golden has been carefully selected for superior standards of pedigrees, temperament, intelligence, level of trainability and sound physical structure. Thanks to Lena for years of hard work, quality breeding and allowing us have these amazing companions. All our dogs have earned their championship titles, along with generations behind them of winning champions. Even, if you are not interested in a show quality puppy, it is beneficial to have high quality intelligent bloodline. Our dogs have all their clearances done: hips, elbows, eyes, heart and genetic testings, ICT, (Flaky skin disorder) Pra1 & 2 (blindness disease). This means your puppy will not be effected by any of the Golden genetic diseases.   
                We still raise a small amount of the Miniature Australian Shepherds for therapy dogs, agility, show and family companions. All our Aussies have all their genetic testings done and our puppies will not be effected by any of these genetic deceases: PRA-PRCD, CEA, CD, DM, HC, HUU, MDR1, CMR1, NCL.  Some of our adults have earned their championship titles. Our dogs come from the original line, when the first Miniature Australian stepped into the show ring, about forty years ago. We aim to keep the Miniature Australian Shepherds looking just like the original Australian Shepherds, but in a smaller package. All our puppies come wormed, first set of shots and started potty training.  
               We offer additional training to anyone that would like to get a jump start. We hope you enjoy looking around our website and please feel to give us a call with any questions. We look forward to talking to you!
                                                                                                      Brian & Elizah



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